Rx 570 frame drops

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Rx 570 frame drops

Log in or Sign up. But i still play old games like Unreal Tournament 3 with friends and to my surprise i have stutter and frame drops with this 11y old game on heavy action!

rx 570 frame drops

Sometimes around 30fps, or under. I tried with Vsync on and off, framerate smoothing on and off, no positive results! I have the latest Adrenalin I know that Unreal Engines are Nvidia optimized but my 7 years old HD could run these games with max settings with no frame drops Any more settings i can try? BTW, anyone here with the same card? This card should be silent with the Twin Frozr cooler but it gets really loud when i'm gaming, i had to lower the max fan speed from rpm to Last edited: Sep 11, FearFactorySep 11, You cant really pc game without getting pissed unless you buy a ti to keep min frame times high.

Check if there is enough airflow in your case so the card gets enough cool air. GlennBSep 11, Usually the problem I find in UE3 games is that, as daft as this sounds, they aren't demanding enough. Fairly often I find my Fury, when playing an older DX9 game, wont clock up to it's full speed and as such the card is rendering the game at low or idle clock speeds.

You could try using the clockblocker application to help it forces the card to run at proper clockspeeds if it is indeed a case of your card not clocking up properly. Also, in drivers, ensure that power saving features are disabled such as power efficiency and chill. UE4 games generally are just badly optimised with few actually being decent. Only IntruderSep 11, I set the State 7 as the minimum state on the core and the State 2 as the minimum for the memory and MSI OSD shows me that, the card never clocks down but thanks, i will look at Clockblocker.

I set the State 7 as the minimum state on the core and the State 2 as the minimum for the memory and MSI Afterburner OSD shows me that, the card never clocks down but thanks, i will look at Clockblocker. GlennBSep 13, March - last edited March I get FPS drops down to 1 less common to 10 more common frames during engagements with a single user. The game uses Easy Anti-Cheat. I finally discovered how it could be done myself.

You're welcome. Oh and, raising the priority did not fix my frame drops, though it did make them less frequent. You start a competitive season with a known bug making the game unplayable You have tech support make suggestions that you have disabled through your choice of third party cheat prevention Go to Solution.

April You will all be glad to know, the update fixed my frame issues. Apparently Apex downloaded better hardware into my PC Or it wasn't my PC. View in thread. March Any difference of ms or more can cause issues. Welcome to the club.

Pre Octane update, the game was perfectly fine, FPS over on my fx, r9 x. Post Octane update, frame drops while fighting to under 10fps, game crashes. Here is the updated DxDiag.Fortnite has the benefit of being free-to-play along with being available on just about every platform imaginable, from consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, to Android and iOS, and even Nintendo Switch.

Chances are you have a device that can play Fortnite without too much trouble. Yet PC remains the original platform and, in the eyes of many, the best. That way, we can see definitively how well each card performs on its own. We tested the game by trekking to approximately the same location in Fortnite and doing our best to survive long enough to manage some performance metrics.

We ran the benchmark several times for each graphical preset with one exception. More on that in a bit. Like most games, Fortnite has several different built-in graphical presets to help customize your performance — Low, Medium, High, and Epic. Instead of just turning graphical details up or down, these presets also include tweaks to the in-game render scale.

Changing the render scale changes the in-game graphical resolution for everything but menus and user interface assets. If you turned your resolution up to, say p, and your render scale all the way down, your game would look and run like it was being played at a much lower resolution than p.

Starting at p resolution, one thing makes itself abundantly clear about Fortnite. This game is incredibly well-made. Nearly every GPU we tested was capable of hitting a playable framerate at p without too much trouble. Our high-end cards hit ultra-high figures that should make anyone with a Hz monitor happy, and our mid and low-end cards managed surprisingly solid performance at the High and Medium presets.

In short, all but the most entry-level cards, like the RXwill have no problem running Fortnite even at High settings with the resolution cranked up to p.

When we step down to High settings, things get interesting on the mid-range and low-end. The Ti easily doubles that figure, which means the ultra-premium graphics cards can definitely keep up with a similarly ultra-premium high-refresh-rate monitor. Moving down to p, we saw our performance spike across the board. And who knows, those extra frames might give you a competitive edge. Fortnite makes it easy to customize your settings.

There are just six categories — view distance, shadows, anti-aliasing, textures, effects, and post-processing — and each one has four settings from Epic at the top-end and Off or Low at the bottom-end.

In its case, players found that reducing view distance of objects like grass gave them an advantage because it revealed players who thought they were hiding.

rx 570 frame drops

PUBG has issued patches to address that. Fortnite has the same problem. Turning the view distance up or down impacts object render distance, not player render distance.

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The penalty you pay for that, however, is a big drop in visual quality. Next up we have shadows. In most games, Fortnite included, high-quality shadows are a luxury that can really tank your framerate.

You might not expect realistic shadows in a world this bright and vivid. This is the setting you should look at first if you need to boost your performance up to a specific ceiling. Next up we have anti-aliasing. Look at the edge of the wooden shack in the screenshots above, and you can see the difference anti-aliasing makes.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

CPU Usage dropping randomly causing Frame drops - AMD FX 8350 (Black Edition)

Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. I get drops into the 50's when I load into new areas This can't be right. I am not overheating. Temps way below 70c What can I do to fix this besides putting my back into my pc. Last edited by Tuna Tuna ; 10 Jun, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Have the exact same issue; Most of the game just runs around 55 and when in intense battle, it chugs along at Temps aren't the issue at all, also have the latest drivers from a couple days ago.

I was messing with it for a bit. I have a 60hz monitor for reference When I turn vsync off and put it to unlimited FPS it will stay above 60 but I get a little screen tearing.

rx 570 frame drops

If you have a free sync monitor this will be less noticeable When I turn vsync on and put it to unlimited FPS I get really bad micro stutter, game doesn't feel smooth at all I finally set it to vsync on and capped 60fps and it seems to be running better.

I get a tiny lag when I first start the game but after a couple minutes it seems to run smooth. Also, the graphic settings in game don't seem to work at all for me I have to change the graphic settings via the launcher. Try disabling Dynamic Shadows in ini. Aswell as reducing "Game Detail" to Medium The visual downgrade is barely noticable yet it runs smoother. Astaroth View Profile View Posts. Have the exact same issue; Gtx 6gb.

Batman View Profile View Posts. It's an unoptimized game nothing you can do. Originally posted by Batman :. Skankhunt42 View Profile View Posts.

Turn off nVidia Physix. Originally posted by Re'AL1st :. My used to run it flawlessly but now it drops to 20 fps when people shoot. The SAME thign happens in pre sequel aswell. Also BOTH games dont let me select p it just sticks to a higher res by default and wont switch even if i edit the ini. Last edited by Tuna Tuna ; 11 Jun, pm. It runs better without it installed. Before this update i couldnt even run it without it dropping to 11 fps, now its better but i still cant play in p.

The game literally doesnt let me select it, if i do it just ups it to p or higher all by itself. I seem to have fixed it on my side.

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Left V-Sync disabled runs smoother without it. All settings maxed including PhysX on RX ; runs 60 everywhere. Not a single frame drop so far. You can also try if disable fullscreen optimizations option in Windows 10 will help or not.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in.

Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New RX 4G - massive frame drops?

Thread starter MrGuvernment Start date Nov 22, MrGuvernment Fully [H]. Joined Aug 3, Messages 19, First, here are my systems specs, thinking perhaps one piece of it could be causing my issues. Prior i had an AMD RX card to hold me over and i don't recall these massive frame drops still have the so going to toss it in to see how Tf2 does Playing 2 games thus far Team Fortress 2 BF1 Both games I have tested on my LG 23" x wide screen in window mode, full screen and also on my BenQ 24" p screen, same, window mode, full screen, same results.

I originally installed the latest Cats No change. As noted above I do have the card in an x8 slot but I would think that should still be able to handle an RX Any thoughts or does anyone know of any potential issues with RX going on right now? Araxie Supreme [H]ardness. Joined Feb 11, Messages 6, The issue I think it's related to the CPU being unable to feed properly the GPU those low clocked sandy bridge Cores certainly are an issue for most games.

BF1 should be decent, however same case apply, the lower settings the higher CPU burden. Never thought to play with the affinity! Will give that a try now to see and crank the settings, see what happens. Thanks for a fresh start to review. Well CPU could be a cause on TF2 but assigning the affinity to just one processors and the drops are no where near as bad!

This was TF2 maxed out on my x LG monitor, can see the one core gets up there and stays often! Last edited: Nov 22, Joined Aug 17, Messages 6, MrGuvernment said:. That they do, and once it was mentioned i do recall that from being way back in the day even. I would have thought that this CPU could handle TF2 pretty easily, even though valve games are cpu dependent.

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JustReason razor1 is my Lover. Joined Oct 31, Messages 2, Joined Mar 31, Messages Asked by Ajesha.

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I've been messing with this issue for almost a week now, and I'm kind of desperate because i just can't get it to work. Performance was alright, I was a happy camper, things rezzed in decent speed and the frame rate was ok somewhere near 25 in most situations. This thing performed bad.

OK, that was expected, my fps was around 15 to 20 most of the time, sometimes lower, but things rezzed and textured very slowly. I found that acceptable, since it needs to share horsepower with the CPU.

Other games like Skyrim or Space Engineers are performing outstanding, the latter at about fps, so I dare to say the video card is generally working.

Just it does not like to collaborate with Second Life which is about the only reason why I actually bought it. I hate spending good money on a poor product. I was excited for two minutes until I discovered the horrible drop in frame rate of every room I was in SL and the awful stuttering effect of movement.

Google search shows many unhappy people with this problemeven after many upgrades to latest drivers and configuration changes. So, it was back to my Nvidia card that will be replaced by another more powerful card as prices come down. I hope future buyers comparing video cards for SL usage read this thread and realize that SL and AMD have some problems in a smooth experience online. I may suppose that the old Nvidia drivers have been properly removed, before you installed the current AMD one?

Or ones, counting in the APU. None in other programs. So it could, unfortunately just be that. I no longer buy Radeons now, not that they aren't great; just that they don't work in SL all that well.

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While Chic is correct that Nvidia cards have a better reputation in SL, most people use Radeon cards with few or no problems. Any problems that do arise are generally fixable by either updating the drivers, or in a few cases by rolling back to an earlier, "known good" driver. First of all let me thank you all for taking the time to answer.Here, the RX is more than good enough for p; it held together well in fights and there were no specific problems with high anti-aliasing or fancy lighting effects.

We had one slight hiccup during a locale transition, but this was a one-off and passed quickly. At p, performance was also perfectly acceptable, albeit with some more noticeable frame drops when the corridors open up into wider areas. The RX also did well in Hitmandespite of a lot of variance in detail and conditions.

RX 580 8GB SE | Tearing? / Stuttering / Drop Fps

It was almost surprisingly adept during some of the busiest scenes in the game, and even when it did droop slightly, it never fully stumbled. In Middle-earth: Shadow of WarI ignored the warnings that Ultra settings would use twice the memory we had, and ran it anyway. This act of middle-class anarchism was not rewarded, though — the only reason the frames kept up was because of the dynamic resolution smearing Vaseline over everything.

At p, it runs decently, but maybe pushes the AMD card a little too hard in the more richly-detailed areas. I ended up switching to the High preset to get a more consistent quality. Total War: Warhammer IIsadly, was where the wheels came off. At p, it can be made to run well, but certainly not with Ultra settings, and High only suffices when anti-aliasing is switched off.

Merely adding 2x AA puts it almost back to square one. The sharper resolution of p means you can make do without AA, but the RX still has a rough old time even on High. The campaign map is hit particularly hard, though it also seems to run smoother in certain places than the battle map does in general.

New RX570 4G - massive frame drops?

Wolfenstein II: The New Order is much more like it: speedy and smooth at p with everything turned up, to even better degrees than Doom managed. Unlike Doom, however, upgrading to p results in a much starker loss of frames.

Faring slightly better is The Witcher 3: Wild Huntwhich can just about cope with maxed-out quality at p. Heck, even if you are stuck on p, you can get either of those cards — which do better at all resolutions and can even dip their toes in 4K — for about the same price as this Asus model, and only a few tenners more than the cheaper partner-made RX s.

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