Reynolds 653 tubing

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Reynolds 653 tubing

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What's the deal with Reynolds ? Looking for some old school steel history, here. I have read at various places on the interweb that Reynolds was somehow a flawed tubeset, prone to failure. Granted, it was a very thin walled tubeset, but I have trouble seeing Reynolds allowing an easy to break tubeset out the door, especially given how protective they were of who they would allow to purchase and build up I do know that frames are relatively rare out there on places like the Bay of Evil, suggesting that few were made compared to Columbus SLX or even TSX, for example.

So, what's the real scoop? Was there something wrong with ? Was Reynolds just too selective in who they allowed to build up that it never got as much of a following? Was it something else? What is urban legend and what is true?

I'm curious because I just bought a Merckx and I'm curious if the care and feeding of such an animal should be different than any other steel frame.

Originally Posted by aptivaboy. Robert, Reynolds is heat treated Because of the higher strength, could be drawn thinner than and is therefore lighter, but because all steels have roughly the same Young's modulus, the thinner walled is not as stiff as Reynolds began making OS, and the larger tube diameter improved the stiffness. Framebuilders were required to submit examples of their silver brazed lugged frames to Reynolds for certification before Reynolds would sell them tubes.

Reynolds checked the lugged joints to ensure excessive heat during the brazing process hadn't weakend the tubes in the heat affected zone before certifying the framebuilder. I built up a Waterford Paramount frameset made of OS, and it's a wonderful ride.

Reynolds 653 tubing

When Reynolds introduced the tubeset which is air-hardening, the problem of reduced strength because of overheating during brazing or welding was greatly diminished, so most builders quickly abandoned in favor of the air-hardening You needn't be concerned about any special care and feeding of your new Merckx.

Treat it as you would any other fine steel frame. Last edited by Scooper; at AM.Thanks for all the info. This is the kind of thing we will be tested on before we can pedal through the Pearly Gates.

Reynolds Tubing Guide - Part Three: Reynolds 725 And 525

Thank you for the nice article. I've not been to your blog before, but I'll check out your other postings. But there is one very common error. Yield strength is greater, so you can bend it further and have it spring back. But all steels have the same Young's Modulus AKA Modulus of Elasticity Because of their generally thinner walls, tubes are usually less stiff, but may buckle before you can bend them far enough to take a set.

Even some of Reynolds literature, written no doubt by some marketing type, not an engineer, repeats this common misconception. You can build a lighter yet stiffer frame using higher strength steels by making larger diameter tubes with thinner walls. Lesser steels would dent too easily if drawn to such dimensions.

Mark Stonich. Thanks for the comment, Mark. I based that statement on not only the VeloNews article from '83 which I cited, but also from the comments of some certified frame builders in the Kolin and de la Rosa book, The Custom Bicycle.

What can I say, I took it at face value. Thanks for visiting the site! It's funny, because the emphasis on stiffness is marketing driven, while there is no evidence it makes you faster. Good to have stiffness for control in an all out sprint or when carrying a heavy load. But many of us believe a supple frame is more efficient.

Did I miss it or what does the number system - etc. I knew it must have been in there somewhere. Maybe in this case it would be worth tossing Style aside and being more graphic in the text. So, as per your reply: "The name is a reference to the metallurgical components of the tubing - 5 parts manganese, 3 parts carbon, 1 part molybdenum.

Based on tensile strength. Heat treated has tensile strength of roughly - MPa.

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Brooks, Your numbers only tell half the story. So only a slight win for Easily negated by the fact that you can make a larger diameter tube for the same weight of the Ti.

So I looked at stiffness. There is some minor variation in the Modulus of Elasticity of alloy steels as the alloying elements themselves have different stiffness. Stainless steels vary a bit more and are a bit less stiff than Chro-Moly steels. So, on a pound for pound basis, it's hard to make the case that "blows titanium away".I've seen bikes in the past with Reynolds tubing. Google suggests that it does exist although I don't know anything more.

Anyone care to dig up some info? I have removed this link as it was added to refs section by a user that would appear to be connected with the content. I leave it for others to decide if its suitable as a reference for the tub section.

The used was a thinner gauge than usual produced specifically for use in the set. Eddy and other riders were very pleased with the result, which combined a light, ultra-stiff and efficient transmission with a more forgiving and comfy ride. In addition, was made of stays, main tubes and forks, not stays with main tubes and forks. My understanding is that the tubeset excluding the forks was identical to the tubeset prior to the heat treatment phase. The only difference between the two final tubesets was that the 3 main tubes of a tubeset did not undergo the same heat treatment process as a tubeset, hence their strength and stiffness was not quite as high as tubes.

The point to this was that the frame could be subsequently built using high temperature braize techniques, and did not require the frame builder to be approved needed low temperature braize methods to avoid damaging the heat treatment. As the rear triangle tubes of a set wereone presumes some weakening of the rear triangle tubes probably occurred when using high temperature braizing methods.

A final frameset weighed exactly the same as a frameset, and had the same tube thickesses as the source tubeset was identical to and was almost as strong. I have Reynolds brochures confirming this. A couple facts in the article on the history are conspicuously absent from the respected bicycle history book Bicycle:The History from it's little blurb on Reynolds.

Herlihy mentions the introduction of and d-butted tubes in the same sentence, no mention of d-butted before that.

reynolds 653 tubing

It's just a short blurb though, so I'll leave it up there for now. This was replaced in within the Reynolds range by The source given is "Taken from an email reply written by 'Terry' at toptubes reynoldstechnology. According to Wikipedia policies, this would seem to be original research.

Talk:Reynolds Technology

Wikipedia articles are based on published content from reputable sources. The above assertions also seem to contradict the following from a Reynolds brochure:. Rather than edit the page unilaterally, I'd like to suggest adding K2 to the list of steel tubing types perhaps between and ? There are still some old K2 frames going around, but there is very little information available on the web about this type of tubing - nothing much more than the odd passing comment on cycling forums over the years, or a brief mention in the preface of some ancient Raleigh catalogues.We hope you enjoy reading this short article and will go on to read many more.

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If you don't click on one of the cycling holidays links in italics here Google sees this as a 'technical' site only. So please, when you've finished reading just click on any other link on the site before leaving - it would be a big help - otherwise I may be forced to remove such articles from the site and that would be a shame If you like what we do and want us to continue please help by sharing our Facebook pagetelling your friends or linking to www. Without your support we'd not be here This is the latest in a series of articles on Reynolds frame tubing.

Many years ago 25! I wrote a short article in the very first on-line cycling magazine — cybercyclist. It came at an important time as it was then that was finally being phased out in favour of more TIG-welding-friendly tubing more on this later. You will also find a basic article on bicycle frame stiffness here.

So time for an overview to help all those confused by the plethora of tubing types now available. I've already written an article on why steel is still the best material for a touring bike framebut here it's important to understand what is going on with steel.

The first and perhaps most common misconception is that better steel is stiffer than something made out of steel gas-pipe. But only briefly — a mild steel frame built with the gauges of a top tubing would fail completely, or bend in normal use — sorry but it doesn't work.

reynolds 653 tubing

So what do you get when you pay for expensive steel? These two are obviously important - the most important is not the UTS which manufacturers tend to concentrate on but the Yield Strength. What's the difference? UTS is the point where the material actually snaps or fails completely — Yield Strength is the point at which the material goes beyond its Elastic Limit from which it can spring back and deforms permanently or plasticallyon a bike that would be the point where you'd permanently bend or dent a frame-tube.

As a bike with bent tubes is difficult to ride it's this figure which is more important to us riders. The odd thing is that manufacturers generally ignore this figure in preference to the UTS — Reynolds for example only quote UTS on their website.

reynolds 653 tubing

Here the wonders of metallurgy come to our rescue as the differences between our mild-steel frame and top tubing are absolutely massive! Now let's get silly and go for the very strongest steels on the Planet — called Maraging steels like Reynolds the example having a UTS of and Yield of Compare those with the two cycle tubes above and you'll see the huge potential of those 'super' steels.

The striking thing about the above figures is firstly how easy it is to bend mild steel — you'd need nearly 4x as much steel for the same resistance to failure permanent bending as a tube. Except is doesn't work quite like that as we'll see later. Fatigue is where a material may fail at well below its UTS because repeated flexions have weakened it. This is why every Aluminium component in an aircraft has a fixed life measured in hours before it is at risk of failure.

Steel on the other hand has a Fatigue Limit. Every time a steel component is flexed beyond its Fatigue Limit it will weaken and the count-down to failure begin. Better steels have a higher Fatigue Limit generally around half their UTS and so again can be thinner and flex more before failure — hence 'spring steel' - but generally speaking a frame in quality steel like should be designed to be well below its Fatigue Limit in normal use with the gauges used for cycletouring and so last indefinitely.

The first two are simple. You can make a tube by taking a sheet of metal and then rolling it into a tube like a rolled-up newspaper and welding the joint.

The joint is then rolled and finished to be flat.

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A Seamless tube is drawn from a solid billet lumpand so has no join, no welding impurities and will be totally uniform.Post by Ozrider on Tue May 28, am. Post by SWijland on Tue May 28, pm. Post by Cheers! Post by Squibnocket on Tue May 28, pm. Post by Ozrider on Wed May 29, am. Post by BeeBee30 on Wed May 29, pm. Post by Ozrider on Wed May 29, pm. Post by Ozrider on Thu May 30, am.

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Reynolds 501: the entry-level workhorse of vintage mountain bike frames

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My Renovo R1 wooden bike project and the reason for my passion for all that is wood. Check it out: the most amazing vintage Colnago, Merckx and Pinarello collection.Forum Rules. Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to 16 of Thread: Reynolds Tubing-combi set or lite?

Reynolds Tubing-combi set or lite? Reynolds tubing. I got interested because I have seen a frame. There appear to be two stories out there.

No direct confirmation is available on the Reynolds site. Thus a frame was essentially a combination of " stays with main tubes and forks.

The used was a thinner gauge than usual produced specifically for use in the set. This story appears all over the web, including the Wikipedia entry, for which it says "citation needed. The main triangle was tubes, and the rear stays were For the second version, that and are different only in their hardening, in the same RBR thread. Originally Posted by Mark Kelly. I've heard that story many times but I've never seen evidence for it and there is evidence for it being wrong: there is a CHART on Equus which shows that the tube and stay dimensions for were identical to and different from any of the grades of When I ordered a frame in I was told that the alloy was the same as but heat treated to a lower level more like so the tubing was less fussy and cheaper.

BTW that frame never arrived, the maker substituted because he felt that the would be too whippy for me. Attached Images Reynolds-tubing-sizes. Last edited by paredown; at AM. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity -Hanlon's Razor.

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Reynolds has always been listed as heavier thanwhich is about all I can offer.I bought this last year as a "buy it now" on the due to an imminent move into a much smaller house for sale is my raleigh steel road racing bike. Dave Russell frames have a certain no-nonsense absolutely beautiful ribble road bike a nice road bike, quick, good looking and lovely to ride. Ribble Reynolds 80s Road Bike 56cm bought with intention of doing up but i have too many other projects.

Ribble reynolds 80s road bike 56cm. Please read full listing lovely jf wilson road racing frame in good used condition. All items are packed in good condition and ready to post. Reynolds bicycle frame tubing decal. Relisted due to error in previous listing - end day and time were incorrect and i am no longer able to deliver. Returns returns are accepted within days of receipt for bnwt items days for used items.

Shadow captain revenger. Little used machine hardly ever been wet. Please note that royal mail does not consider an item as 'lost' until working days have passed from date of posting.

Here for sales is my ribble road bike frame. Awesome Bone Silence. Why wait! At this price of 9. Check out our other items for our wide selection of products.

Reynolds tube and fork decals - water slide. I bought this super light reynolds frame on ebay to build into a single speed bike. Beautiful Ribble Frameset. Frame s Bill Nickson Frame material Reynolds dawes lightweight linear bike frame. Es exclusiva y esta compuesta por muy buenos componentes. Cost me 21 weeks ago only looking for 6. Reynolds all terrain. May consider selling frame fork and headset and other parts separately if interest is there.

Bought for so excellent value.


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