Industrial training report on computer hardware

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Industrial training report on computer hardware

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Student Industrial Training Report. Henry Chukwudi.

This report contains all history, organizational structure and knowledge gained during my attachment period. Diagrams are used in certain places to illustrate unclear and unfamiliar terms or devices.

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Also emphases are laid on certain areas like places having programming concepts. Student projects during the training are summarized as exercises and field trips during the attachment are not also excluded. The languages used in this report are drawn from various computer fields such as Networking, Software Engineering, Operating System, and Computer Graphics. The exercise which is a must to all third year students in Computer Science exposes the student to the industrial and labour intensive world.

It has been compiled in a style that would be very clear to any reader.

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In this report, diagrams are used where necessary to elaborate what the writer is saying. The exercise was established to bridge the gap between the industrial world and the academic world.

industrial training report on computer hardware

The scheme started in with the establishment of Industrial Training Fund I. E in F, which completely took over the funding of the programme. Provisions made in the decree include: All students of specialized discipline such as: Engineering, Technology, Business, Applied Science and Applied Art programme in higher institutions shall be required to have a compulsory supervised industrial attachment as part of their regular studies in such manner as may be prescribed by their boards or commission.

This Ministry handles the daily issuance of press releases containing various activities of the Delta State Ministries, Extra Ministerial Departments, and Parastatals etc.

They are also in charge of the government printing press.

industrial training report on computer hardware

The Ministry also has the mandate for the printing and documentation of publications of the State Government such as gazettes and Bills. Information Officers from the Ministry man these Divisional offices. The Ministry also has the responsibility to plan, manage and control the official websites of the State Government. Commissioner Permanent D. P-Directorate of Government Press D.

I-Directorate of Information D. A-Directorate of Administration D. They are also involved in sensitization. They perform accountability functions, by inspecting and publishing the actual values or results. I learnt the basic features available in the environment, some of which consist of: 1.

The Home Key: This is the first open feature seen once inside the environment as they house a new blank document. That is when a new document is created, the home keys are activated.

Features found here include clipboard functions cut, copy, pasteFonts, Paragraph, Styles. Insert Key: This feature allows one to perform special editing functions like the inclusion of tables, pictures or clip arts. With the insert feature, one can create wonderful documents that provide good pictorial view of the concept under discussion. Page Layout: This is the feature in Microsoft word that enables one adjust the page layouts of the document.

With this feature, default page arrangements can be altered and adjusted to suit ones desired arrangement.This report is dedicated to Almighty Allah who has always been there for me right from my beginning to this very point, all Glory and Adorations belongs to the Most High. Special dedication also, to my ever supportive doting, adoring and caring parents, for their relentless support and compassion towards me during the course of this training.

industrial training report on computer hardware

The Organization Structure8 — 10 Chapter Three 3. The principal objective of this Industrial Training is to prepare students for working experience and to give students the opportunity to practicalize the theoretical aspect being thought in school.

The installation, repair and preventive maintenance of these devices were part of my job description. I was trained on Telecommunication and Networking, crimping of Network Ethernet Cables, configuring network on devices, troubleshooting and maintenance of network. Later in the course, I was introduced to Radio Broadcasting and how programmes are being produced either to be generated simultaneously as being produced or to be recorded for a future date.

It provides for on-the-job practical experience for students as they are exposed to work methods and techniques in handling equipment and machinery that may not be available in their Institutions.

Participation in Industrial Training is a well-known educational strategy. Successful internships foster an experiential learning process that not only promotes career preparation but provides opportunities for learners to develop skills necessary to become leaders in their chosen professions. One of the primary goals of the SIWES is to help students integrate leadership development into the experiential learning process.

Students are expected to learn and develop basic non-profit leadership skills through a mentoring relationship with innovative non-profit leaders. Participation in SIWES has become a necessary pre-condition for the award of Diploma and Degree certificates in specific disciplines in most institutions of higher learning in the country, in accordance with the education policy of government.

SIWES will provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made. SIWES students will develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations. SIWES will provide students the opportunity to test their aptitude for a particular career before permanent commitments are made.

SIWES students will develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers. SIWES will aid students in adjusting from college to full-time employment. SIWES will provide students the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships. SIWES students will be prepared to enter into full-time employment in their area of specialization upon graduation. SIWES will provide students the opportunity to understand informal organizational interrelationships.

SIWES Students will be able to outline at least five specific goals with several staff members by comparing performance with job duties and develop a draft plan with staff to accomplish performance needs, supervision plan and rewards. SIWES Students will be able to develop a draft agency or project budget and will be able to identify methods of obtaining revenue to support the budget. SIWES Students will be able to provide tools to use in prioritizing tasks of an assigned project and create with staff a tentative schedule for completion based on these tasks.

My station Amuludun Amuludun Each of these departments is headed by Principal Grade Officers and above. However, all the departments come under the supervision of the General Manager GM. Before the yearit was conspicuously observed that of the three regions of Nigeria, the Yoruba speaking area do not have a language radio station to tend to the tradition and socio-cultural values of the region.

By Augustapproval had been granted, in principle for the establishment of such a radio station. Radio House, Headquarters of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria quickly rallied support and a transmitter was procured for the station.Pls sir can you help me out on how to write my logbook relating it to a cooperative Society?

Thanks sir Ocheme Ensure you follow the blog not to miss out more informative post. You are most welcome sir Kunle Sarumi remember to also share the link with your course mates on IT as well you are also free to contact us.

Thanks alot you are most welcome, i will be glad to see you around again, bye. How can someone fill the log book for business administration department.

Siwes thanks. Good morning Dubem, The minimum day expected to fill your register is 5 days ie monday to friday but it depends on the firm you are doing your industrial training some firms require their student to come during weekends.

So if you go during the weekend you are expected to fill it in the register as well. Thanks Dubem and hope I answered your question. OK this is what you will do, can you send me a picture of your logbook ie where you fill in your daily activities to benjaminohepo gmail. And if I can get you well you attend only twice in a week right? I am waiting. Sir Dubem, i just got your mail. OK this is what you will do, let me say you only do two days in a week, for the week you will have to split all what you have learnt within that two days into five days to cover up for the week, and mind you you have to detail it make it more rich by adding things you did learn on your own and finally connecting them together to make more sense.

Note don't have that thought to leave your logbook blank especially those days that you didn't attend make sure you fill in each day with one or more activities you learned for each week.

Also remember to share the article with you friends on IT as well follow the blog to get latest articles, thanks. OK if it says school simply fill in the name of your school or institute and not the faculty. Have a nice day. Thanks a lot Osuala justice and hope you are enjoying your I. T, see you around soon bye. What if one started late because of placement issues, how will he make up for the scheduled part already missed in the log book? Ok greetings my friend, in that case the person really have a lot of work to do, which is working extra mile to learn more in order to cover up for that space.

Never you leave you Log Book blank ensure that you fill in every space as required. Your Supervisors or lecturer wont accept that from you so try your best to learn more and fill in those spaces.

Industrial Training

Hope i answered your question? Thanks u did. But u know each day has its space and date? So what date will I write on the part I've already missed? Should I manipulate it? Thanks Kelvin i will be so glad if you follow the blog so that you will keep connected for more important post coming up. Nice post sir, very helpful. Please can I get your log book too? And also, how will you suggest I fill a logbook with repetitive activities - week in, week out?

Thanks Alabi i would have love to give you mine, but i want you to do it by yourself because i believe in you.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Shamsu Bello. In partial fulfillment of the award of national diploma ND in computer science, kogi state polytechnic lokoja, undersigned by the following people: …………………………….

I am also grateful to my industrial based supervisors Mr.

Hard disk repairing #Computer Hardware Course #Computer chip level repairing course

Adah John. Also I cannot but acknowledge my germane H. A IBN and all the lecturers in the department.

Industrial Training Report on Networking Telecommunication Management

Thanks and GOD bless you all. It is popularly known as co-operative education and referred to as sandwich in Europe. It is a six 6 months students industrial work experience scheme SIWES taken in the third year of the degree program, where the students go to various establishments related to their course of study.

The students Industrial Work Experience Scheme SIWES is a skill Training program designed to expose and prepare students for the Industrial work situation which they are likely to meet after graduation. Participation in SIWES has become a necessary pre- condition for the award of diploma and degree certificate in specific disciplines in most institutions of higher learning in the country in accordance with the education policy of government.

It owned and manage by Mr. They operate ICT situated at km4, ondo road, akure, ondo state. Science academic for training and skill acquisitions in nearly every aspect of IT of some of which include engineering section. Repairs and maintenance, programming and, computer graphic e. This company is head by the director and administrative manager next to him followed by the engineers, system analyst and the instructors.

It is an electronic machine capable of accepting data, process the data into a meaningful information as output. A computer is a machine or tool, which is capable of: 1. Taking input data 2. Storing the input data. Processing the input data. Producing the output report on paper or computer store for human being to use The term computer is obtain from the word compute.

A computer is an electronics device that inputs take in facts known as data and then processes does something to or with it.Adeniran Obafemi O. I therefore submit the report work as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the student industrial work experience scheme of the University of Ibadan. Yours sincerely, Adeniran Obafemi. The company is staffed with hardworking, resilient, intelligent and hospitable personnels. The sale and installation of various security devices are carried out by experts at Aitek Network Systems Limited.

Devices like the smoke detectors, satellite televisions, cctv, camera, motion detectors, fire alarm systems, network systems to mention a few are sold and installed by capable engineers and technicians.

However, there is the administrative section consisting of the secretary, receptionist, cleaners, drivers, personal assistant and the managing director.

All other staffs are transported to the site to ensure services are procured to customers. An enormous amount of physical and intellectual strength is required to survive on site at the engineering firm. Almost all the installation processes involves a great deal of cabling that is running of cable through trunkings, pvc pipes or ebonite tubes.

Also, cables are run through manholes from metal boxes or adaptable boxes. The basic tools often used are the fishing tapes, draw ropes, drillings machines, screws, screwdrivers, mallet, chisel, cables, connectors, masking tapes, multimeter, cutter to mention a few.

As we all know, our society is in jeopardy as far as security is concerned, this calls for the installation of security systems by experts. Systems such as the fire alarm systems, cameras, motion detectors, smoke and heat detectors etc serve to reduce if not to completely eliminate impending hazards This report treats in details some other systems such as the network system LAN and so on.

I am greatly indebted to my parents, Mr and Mrs Adeniran for their financial and moral support during the course of the programme and my uncle, Mr Omofoyewa for his hospitality and fatherly care towards ensuring that my industrial training was a worthwhile and fulfilling one. I also want to thank everyone that contributed to the success of my industrial training; my industrial supervisors, my colleagues, co-workers and my relatives.

In general, a fire alarm system is either classified as automatic, manually activated, or both. The basic modern system consists of a dependable primary power supply, a secondary or backup power supply, any number of "initiating devices" and "notification appliances.

However, the use of fire alarm system in buildings and campuses in Nigeria is not encouraging at all. The panel then processes the information to trigger output devices which are usually bells, horns, or strobes.

Panels usually have a number of loops within the range of two to 20 loops. At the present time, four or six loop panels are the most common.

Each loop can have a number of devices connected to it.The paper is about networking and telecommunication management. The success of field involving telecommunication and it is due to effective management system. In this paper we deal with strengths and limitations involved in telecommunications management system.

Telecommunication management is responsible for managing networks and services. It provides various functions related to operations, maintenance, performance and security. A network is a collection of computers, hardware which allows user to share information or resources. The network is used by every commercial office for resources.

It connects users from all locations. Public: It is a network which is offered for free. And this public network can be accessed within the country.

An example for this is internet which is used to connect all networks. Networks are classified depending on coverage is LAN: this network is located in a small geographical area.

It is most commonly used network. The cable is called as bus. The connection should be disconnected from both sides. Ring network: it is a bus network connected at both ends. Star network: is a network where a machine is connected to central machine called server. The paper is about networking, the various topologies of networks and the types of networks divided based on coverage.

And also security implementation is also provided. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Please join StudyMode to read the full document. People can learn new information, re-learn and reinforce existing knowledge and skills, and most importantly have time to think and consider what new options can help them improve their effectiveness at work.

The goal of training is to create an impact that lasts beyond the end time of the training itself. The focus is on creating specific action steps and commitments that will help people introduce new skills at work. Top Reasons to Train your Employees 1.

Reduce employee turnover Investing in your employees will make them feel that you are interested in developing their skills and they may stay with the company longer. Increase ability to incorporate new technologies Keeping up to date with technology is a constant battle.

Ensuring that your employees are current with technology will not only enable them to do their job better but also make sure that your company is at the forefront when it comes to the competition.

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Increase safety to decrease Training Training tends to be job or skill specific. Besides being specific to a particular job, training is also more likely to be a physical endeavor than education. Training entails the practical application of education, and thus requires actual movement and motion.

For example, a medical student will obtain knowledge from classroom education, but will ultimately receive his training when he is interning at a hospital. Training is about gaining the skills needed for a job. These may be learned at the place of work on-the-job or away from work off-the-job.

On-the-job training tends to be more cost-effective and relevant. However, off-the-job training is usually carried out by professional trainers. It also occurs away from the distractions of work.

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Training tends to have very specific and measurable goals, such as operating an IT system or till, understanding a process, or performing certain procedures for example, cashing up. Development Development is the realization of potential. Education and training can play instrumental roles in a person's development.

industrial training report on computer hardware

Becoming fully-developed in a particular discipline is a goal. Training and education are Trainees should find out about training programs prior to attendance.

Trainer should incorporate conditions of practice, adult learning principles, and other learning principles in design include content and examples that are relevant and meaningful 3. Trainees should enter training program with positive attitude and Help ensure that employees have skills to work with new technology. Help employees understand how to work effectively in teams to contribute to product and service quality. Ensure employment security by providing new ways for employees to contribute when their : jobs change or interests change skills become obsolete Training is a planned effort by a company to facilitate the learning of employees.

High-leverage training is: linked to strategic business goals and objectives, supported by top management, relies on an instructional design model, and Benchmarked to programs in other organizations. Continuous learning requires employees to understand the entire work process, expects them to acquire and apply new skills, and share what they have learned.

This Figure shows the strategic training and development process with examples of strategic initiatives, training activities, and metrics.


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